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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are Rocky Hardwood Inc products responsibly harvested and Lacey Act Compliant?


-  Rocky Hardwood follows strict forest management rules of the regions we harvest wood from and we are earnest in our support for sustainable harvesting practices. Our lumber comes from a combination of plantation lumber as well as appropriately matured trees. Mature trees are carefully selected from a forest allowing the surrounding young trees to thrive and replenish our forest reserve in the years to come. We are lacey act compliant as well as FSC certified.  

2. What are the differences between solid hardwood, engineered, and other alternatives like vinyl?


​- Solid hardwood consists of ¾ in thick solid wooden pieces of wood ranging from 2 in to up to 5 in wide. Solid hardwood has an average life span of 40-100 years and can be refinished 4-5 times throughout that period. It can come in a variety of different species, colors, textures, and finishes. Solid hardwood can increase the value of your home and is hypoallergenic in a smooth finish.


-Engineered flooring consists of a wear layer of solid wood on top of a plywood core. Its average life span is 20-40 year and is considered more dimensionally stable than solid hardwood. It is also easier to install and has a wider range of applications since it can be installed below grade (basements) and on top of concrete. Engineered floor is also more environmentally friendly than hardwood since it requires less hardwood material to make the wear layer as opposed to solid hardwood.


-Vinyl is a synthetic flooring material that is durable, affordable, and easy to install. Nowadays most vinyl options are waterproof and an be used in all types of settings. In addition, improving technology has made vinyl almost identical to wood. However, vinyl flooring does not increase the value of your home and still lacks the “real” feeling of hardwood when stepped on.     

3. What is the differences between, high gloss, semi-gloss, satin, and matte finish?


​- The difference between these types of finish is the amount of light reflected as well as the imperfections shown.


Matte finish is subtle with little to no sheen. It covers imperfections well but is prone to holding dirt.


Satin is smooth with a pearl like sheen. It reflects more light than matte but also shows imperfections more easily.


Semi-gloss and gloss reflect the most light and have a bright sheen. It is easy to clean and is considered hypoallergenic but shows all imperfections clearly.












4. What is the difference between different textures? (smooth, wire brush, handscrape) 








5. What are the types of finishes and what is aluminum oxide?


-Water-based Polyurethane, oil-based polyurethane, moisture-cure urethane, wax, shellac, penetrating oil sealer, acid-cured finish, and aluminum oxide.

The finish used on Rocky Hardwood products is aluminum oxide. Aluminum oxide is a natural mineral that serves as an effective finish for wood flooring. It is the best in the flooring industry known for its excellent protection against wear and tear. Our aluminum oxide is made by PPG and provides long lasting protection while also requiring minimal maintenance.


6. Where can I find a stain to match existing floors and stair treads?


- Rocky Hardwood does not provide stains or stair treads. This is due to the difficulty associated with matching stains due to different wood species and application methods. We recommend bringing a flooring sample to a local big box store to have them match the stain. This usually does not match exactly as finding an exact match is very rare.


7. What should I expect regarding color variation?


- All solid hardwood flooring comes with some degree of color variation. Depending on the species and the grade of lumber used the color variation can range from slightly to very noticeable. All species are also photosensitive to some degree as well. This means that they will lighten or darken when in contact with sunlight. For example having a rug and then repositioning it may led to a noticeable outline where the rug used to be.








8.What does Rocky Hardwood require for temperature and relative humidity?


-Rocky Hardwood products require an ambient environment of 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity of 35-55 %. We recommend acclimating out product for 2 weeks upon arrival at the jobsite with the box ends opened.


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