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Lacey Act
FSC Certification

What is the Lacy Act?

The Lacy Act was passed in 1900 as the first federal law in the U.S. to protect wildlife. Through civil and criminal penalties it prohibits the sale, import, export and transportation of all illegally obtained wildlife. In 2008 it was amended to also include plants and plant products such as timber and paper. 


After this amendment governments all around the world became more stringent in their regulations on timber sourcing. Through this act the U.S. has cut down the amount of illegally sourced lumber and now requires proper documentation to ensure supply chains are legitimate and in accordance to the laws of the country of origin.  

Rocky Hardwood Inc. is committed to sustainability and responsible forestry management. With 15 sawmills around the globe we work hand in hand with local governments to ensure that all the lumber we sourced meet the local guidelines for forestry management. We are proud to be Lacey Act Compliant and hope to play our part in ensuring a healthy global ecosystem. 



What is FSC Certified Mean?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a non-profit organization that works to set high industry standards for forestry based products. A product is only designated as FSC Certified if it harvested or produced in a environmentally responsible and socially beneficial manner.  The FSC Certification is considered the gold standard in the lumber industry and ensures that the product certified is the product of ecologically friendly practices.

As a manufacturer and distributor, Rocky Hardwood Inc. sources and produces our own products from start to finish. For our Chestnut Hill line we source plantation pacific mahogany and for our North American species we follow strict lumber harvesting guidelines. All across the board we work hard to ensure our products are sustainable and FSC certified. 



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