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Commonly known as Pacific Mahogany in the U.S. flooring market, this species is a genuine mahogany widely distributed in South and Central America. Our mahogany is sustainably sourced from FSC certified plantations in Indonesia. This means our wood is grown in 20 year rotations in accordance to the Forest Stewardship Council’s rules and regulations.
             Mahogany is the benchmark for stability, contains a good level of chatoyancy, has a rich consistent color, and finishes beautifully. Traditionally, it replaced Cuban/Spanish mahogany that was historically cherished. The heartwood color varies from light to dark reddish-brown to deep, rich red.​

Amber - Pacific Mahogany

  • Species: Pacific Mahogany

    Construction: Solid

    Janka Score: 900

    Width: 92mm (3.54 inch) and 120 (4.72 inch)

    Thickness: 3/4 inch

    Square Footage per Box: 22.73 and 25.57

    Finish: UV Cured Aluminum Oxide

    Average Length: 28 inches

    Texture: Hand-Scrapped

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