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Padauk (PTEROCARPUS SOYAUXII) is a straight-grained hardwood that was sourced from Gabon in West Africa. It has a redish-orange color when it is freshly cut and darkens over time to a reddish-brown color from light exposure. The grain pattern of this wood is usually straight, but can sometimes be interlocked.       
     Padauk has excellent rot resistance and rated as durable to very durable. It is also resistant to termites and insects. In terms, of workability, Padauk is easy to work with, however, tearouts may occur when planing on quartersawn or interlocking grain. Common usage of Padauk are veneer, flooring, furniture, musical instruments, and small specialty wood objects. 

Padauk Lumber 8/4 Rough sawn

  • Wholesale Lumber Prices!

    FAS Rough Sawn Padouk Lumber
    8/4 inch thickness
    Lengths: 5, 8, 9, 10 ft.
    Mixed Grain, fixed length pallets
    Janka Hardness: 1,970 lbf (8,760 N)

  • $4 per BF if purchasing a pallet (500-900BF)

    $6 per BF if buying pieces

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