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​​ Big leaf acacia is an exotic hardwood species known for its signature rustic appeal and beautiful color variation. With grain patterns similar to hickory due to the short stubby statures of the tree. Primarily sourced from Malaysia it has seen steadily increasing demand in China as well as the United States as an affordable exotic hardwood with good durability and wear resistance.
             It is also easily maintained since this species comes with its own natural waxy coating inhibiting common issues such as warping and swelling. To clean it, no special cleaning supplies are needed, a damp mop will do the job.
             To top it off, acacia is an eco-friendly flooring option since the trees grow quickly and most harvesting programs are well monitored and established. 

Sunglow - Acacia

  • Species: Big Leaf Acacia

    Construction: Solid

    Janka Score: 1600

    Width: 125mm (4.92 inch)

    Thickness: 3/4 inch

    Square Footage per Box: 23.68

    Finish: UV Cured Aluminum Oxide

    Average Length: 28 inches

    Texture: Hand-Scrapped

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